Get to Know Us

Who We Are?


DesignRepublic has a simple mantra - create value - and as a result, we focus our work on the design and production of solid wood table tops, wood and upholstered seating, and ancillary products for the restaurant, bar and hospitality trade.

We take a two-pronged approach to fulfilling our mantra. First, we produce as much as possible locally. For example, our wood is sourced from small, local woodlots that have been providing timber to local craftsmen, in some cases for generations. First air- and then kiln-dried to ensure maximum stability, the lumber is processed into a range of table tops, bar tops, chairs / stools, banquettes, and other uses.

We offer a wide range of wood species, with both smooth and rustic surfaces, with or without live edge, in a broad range of standard finishes.

Second, we work with some of the best factories in the world to design and produce products that we cannot make locally, or provide a better value offering when produced overseas. Employing strict QC methodologies, we ensure quality products are delivered on a timely basis.

We have capacity for large projects but have geared our production to also accommodate small runs. Need just one top? We'll take care of you too.